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Here it is!!!  The trailer for the newest release from RP Films, Haulin or Crawlin 5!  With footage from the most insane competitions, trails, and obstacles across the country, the stars of rockcrawling and rockracing, mix it up with numerous every-day trailrunners for the best hardcore off road DVD yet!

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King of the Hammers...KOH!

What's that you say???


The ultimate super hardcore off road documentary about the competition that has taken the off road world by STORM!  One of the most talked about events ever deserves a video like this...CHECK IT OUT!

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PINNEDtv, one of the most creative Off Road TV programs we've seen, joined us for an amazing weekend at the 2007 Pro Rock RockCrawling Finals.

This video trailer is a blast and we sure hope to see the Pinned crew in the near future.  For now, we can say they have a fun website at

Check out the trailer for Haulin or Crawlin 4, the second Extremey Award Winning video released by RP Films. Loaded with trail and competition footage that will have you moving closer and closer to the scene as you wanna crawl in and join the fun!


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Rock'n @ the Ranch - fall of 2007

W.E.ROCK West Season Finals preview featuring Dustin and Becca Webster driving the Red Bull RockIt and the Red Bull RockHer II at Donner Ski Ranch near Lake Tahoe, California


Here's a fun save from WAYYYY back in the day.  Becca competing in her third event ever in the Red Bull Daily Driver Jeep CJ7...check out this ALMOST she pulls this off, I have NO clue!  
Becca nailing a cool ledge climb in the RockHer II at the 07 Pro Rock opener...FYI, she won! ;-)  
The Audio on this one is ANNOYING but the insane save Becca Webster does at the end is worth the frustration...just turn down your sound level so you don't have to deal with it! ;-)


BTW, This is at the 2007 Grand National RockCrawling Championships at the Spring Creek OffRoad Park just north of Houston.

Becca teaching crew-member Mike Foster how to bump climb a ledge on the "BackDoor" trail at the famous "HAMMERS" in Johnson Valley, CA.
A little different version of the Red Bull RockHer II.  This one built by our British friend, Fat Alfie, one of the most creative computer gaming modellers we've seen.  The video is of the RockHer II racing in the video game, 1NSANE.

Really, Alfies attention to detail turned this vehicle into one of the most realistic ever designed!

Becca and Dustin playing at the "NOTCHES" of truckhaven, near the Salton Sea in Southern California...the location of the famous Tierra Del Sol Desert Safari aka TDS.

Dustin is driving the RockIt II, rear engined, rear steer buggy.

Becca is driving the RockHer I pro modified rockcrawler.

Haulin or Crawlin 3...when it comes to big rocks, cool trails, and insane competition lines, RP Films delivered in this third installment of the Haulin or Crawlin DVD series.  If you think this video preview is good, you'll love the full video!
Watch the audio on this one...don't turn it up in the beginning ;-)

Becca running the middle waterfall on Chocolate Thunder, a short but exciting trail that is a part of the famous Hammer Trails of Johnson Valley.  Up until this point, everyone claimed it had not been climbed.  Numerous of the top crawlers had tried, all had failed.  Becca gets it done!

Becca running the Red Bull RockHer II at the Houston, Texas W.E.ROCK Grand National RockCrawling Championships in 2007.

The video taken by ElPotro4x4, a Mexican TV crew that follows off road sports throughout Mexico and the southern US.

Here's some old-school footage ;-)  The movie trailer for Haulin or Crawlin II...the first RP Films video to receive the coveted Extremey video award from IMPACT Video.
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